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rich with a d and all the other names you've given me.

"lime green looks good on everyone, and it will wake up any tired suit."

Richard Douglas
20 July 1983
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altoids, anime, anything smooth, art, bashing new jersey, beastie boys, bjork, black and white, boston, breakbeat era, breaking the format, breaking up fights, burroughs, cafés, cat craig, chai, changing my surroundings, chaos theory, chatting, cheap wine, coffee, counter-strike, crystal method, dan the automator, ddr, del the funky homosapien, delusions of grandeur, diesel cafe, digital art, djarum cloves, downtown lowell, electrocute, electronica, ella fitzgerald, elysian fields, emiliana torrini, eurotrash, fc kahuna, fila brazillia, foreign films, freestyle walking, getting lost, ghosting the scene, ginsberg, good company, good conversations, handsome boy modeling school, harvard square, higher grounds coffee house, hooverphonic, hosting get-togethers, hot hot heat, increasing quality of life, incubus, interrogating drunks, jack off jill, jennifer charles, juno reactor, jurassic 5, justice, karma, kerouac, kid koala, kidneythieves, kitties, kruder and dorfmeister, ladytron, living on the cheap, living vicariously through you, long road trips, lounging, lovage, milla jovovich, mindless self indulgence, mizing, montreal, ninjas, partially burning spiderwebs, philosophy, photography, picking.up.where.we.left.off., plato, poemfone poets, poetry, portishead, providing good times, psychology, public transportation, pwning, quarashi, recreating libertine circles, regulating parties, run lola run, running at night, self expression, sexy iced raspberry mochas, shooting espressos, sick little beaters, skyy vodka, sneaker pimps, society, solid sixes, soul coughing, spoken word, steaming milk, style, subterfuge, supreme beings of leisure, sushi, tea cakes, telepopmusik, tenchi muyo, texas hold 'em, the beat generation, the gossip, the higher ground collective, the prodigy, the word "savage", thelonius monk, thievery corporation, tiramisu cake, tricky, trip hop, utopia, uv vodka, venus hum, volunteer work, wasting my nine lives, writing, yeah yeah yeahs